CorpData Announces General Availability of EntityManager™ 3.7

CorpData announces General Availability of Entity Manager™ 3.7

Newest Version of Business Entity Workflow Solution Adds Enhanced ‘Search and File’ Component for Processing of Search-Based Orders

Jersey City, NJ — Apr 8, 2013 — CorpData LLC, provider of enterprise entity management and workflow solutions to the corporate services industry, announced today the general availability of EntityManager™ 3.7, the latest iteration of its web-based software solution that supports the industry’s business formation and registered agent business.

CorpData’s EntityManager is a web-based business process automation tool designed to help business formation and registered agent service providers to process and manage business entities. EntityManager optimizes time spent on routine tasks, reducing overhead and enabling a higher level of service. From entity formation and initial order placement to ongoing management, invoicing, and annual renewals, EntityManager helps users to keep track of critical information and respond to changes and deadlines, quickly and efficiently.

The latest enhancements targets professionals performing due diligence and working with Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC) . EntityManager’s robust “Search and File” capability provides users with tools to improve both the productivity and the accuracy of handling complex projects.

Search and File Component Supports Order Entry, Processing and Management of due diligence and retrieval projects. Typically, this work can be very labor-intensive, and involve multiple subjects, names, and jurisdictions. Performing these searches and managing communication between all interested parties would traditionally have been onerous and time-consuming. Now, with enhanced work flow capabilities, EntityManager users can quickly access essential information and communicate easily with a network of correspondents, all with just a click of the mouse.

Enables entry of multiple subjects or names, jurisdictions, and services.

Configures specific services and/or jurisdictions to correspondents.

Can automatically email correspondents for separate Line items in a request.

Improves accuracy of payables, with built-in approval and tracking.

Generates custom reports, accessible to clients. o Available in two configurations:
One for National/International-level search and document management
One for a Local search and document management.

Enhanced QuickBooks Integration. Entity Manager can now function as a single, unified platform for both Registered Agent and for retrieval services. Existing QuickBooks users can easily sync with their QuickBooks platform, using QB-EM Sync.

Expanded “Bill To” Capability. Automates invoicing and emails bills directly to clients (or to client’s designee); to a client company, or to a third party.

Says Misha Vaynshenker, CorpData’s president and CEO, “We’re very pleased to release EntityManager 3.7 and are confident that these enhancements will help our clients increase their productivity and profitability. Search and File functionality extends the range of EntityManager’s utility and now supports more of out target client’s needs. Our goal has always been to provide not only the best value in entity management workflow solutions, but also to demonstrate our strong client focus. There are many more client-driven enhancements in the product development pipeline, and we know that each iteration helps us to solidify our position as the technology leader in this space.”

About CorpData
CorpData LLC, is a provider of entity management solutions for the business formation and registered agent services industry. Based in Jersey City, NJ, with technology development centers in Riga, Latvia, and Moscow, Russia, CorpData solutions enable workflow and customer relationship management for small and mid-sized businesses. For more information, visit their website at

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