CorpData announces General Availability of EntityManager FinCEN CTA Reporting functionality.

Corporate Service Project Management and Workflow Solution Introduces Corporate Transparency Act Reporting functionality.

Englewood, NJ —March 16, 2023 — CorpData LLC, provider of workflow solutions to the legal services and corporate compliance industry, announced general availability of EntityManager™ CTA/FinCEN, their Corporate Transparency Act reporting add-on package.

EntityManager™ is a software platform for corporate legal services project management.  This solution brings revenue optimization, workflow automation and compliance calendar management to legal services providers. EntityManager™ automates recurring tasks, reducing overhead and enabling a higher level of service. It helps users to manage high volumes of complex workflow and automatically generates and emails work orders, documents, and project milestone notifications.

This new add-on package of EM CTA/FinCEN supports requirements for FinCEN reporting via CTA reporting data enrichment workflow and enables contactless document exchange with corporate clients::

1. Data Enrichment for FinCEN reporting – EntityManager CTA has added features to enable custom configuration of workflow steps, actions and secure web pages for data collection and client interaction. In this module the system admin has the capability to configure team and client notifications via email.  These features make licensee’s specific workflow easy to implement and maintain.

2. Contactless Data Exchange and Document Upload – EntityManager CTA allows users to send corporate documents via email with secure download and upload of scanned documents into the system. This functionality enables licensees to implement contactless data and document exchange.

3. Related Parties Data Management and Audit – EM CTA/FinCEN helps users to maintain database of related parties and beneficial owner information. Data changes are historically tracked and timestamped for review and audit.

4. Add-on package of EM CTA/FinCEN Reporting can be interfaced to client’s current systems – this functionality is designed to operate as an add-on secure cloud storage of corporate data and documents accessible by other systems of EntityManager licensee.

Misha Vaynshenker, CorpData’s president and CEO, said, “Based on our experience in AML/KYC and FinCEN reporting arena we are able to quickly react to market requirements and government regulations. EM CTA/FinCEN helps users to keep track of critical information and respond to changes and deadlines, quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to demonstrate a strong commitment to our clients, who are using our web-based technology to comply with local regulations.”

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