Unisearch Selects CorpData EntityManager™ Platform for Corporate Services Workflow, Receivables and Collection, and Billing Automation

Washington-based leader in research and public records retrieval looks to streamline service and support to legal, financial, and business communities

Jersey City, NJ — April 28, 2016 — CorpData LLC, provider of enterprise entity management and workflow software solutions to the corporate services industry, announced today that Unisearch (www.unisearch.com) has selected CorpData’s EntityManager™ to support their corporate services operation and workflow. Based in Tumwater, WA, Unisearch joins a growing list of legal services companies that are taking advantage of CorpData’s EntityManager software platform.

CorpData’s EntityManager is a comprehensive web-based tool that helps providers of corporate services and registered agent services to increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. Scalable and highly intuitive, EntityManager reduces time spent on routine tasks, such as ordering, invoicing, and annual renewals. EntityManager organizes all critical information, cross referenced for easy access, increasing both efficiency and profitability. When used for billing and collection automation, it can be configured to up-sell services during regular billing cycles, while accelerating collections with escalating billing reminders and even applying late fees.

“Unisearch chose EntityManager’s operational platform for number of reasons: It has been field- tested for years within the industry; It provides comprehensive, web-based workflow management for both search and file and corporate management type of orders; it has a proven billing and renewal system; and it offers customization options to meet the unique needs of our practices,” says Unisearch’s Jan Hopton. She adds, “I especially like the flexibility and ease of getting our issues resolved. I look forward to working with Misha Vaynshenker and his team to help us derive the most value from the EntityManager solution, to make our processing more efficient — from due diligence and document retrieval, all the way to invoicing and back-office accounting.”

Adds Unisearch’s Loretta McCool “We’ve been in need of a system like this for years, but developing a proprietary system on our own would have been cost-prohibitive. Right out of the box, EntityManager has provided us with an immediate competitive advantage. Within three months of signing the licensing agreement, CorpData configured our EntityManager installation, converted our data, and got us trained and operational. Ultimately, EntityManager enables us to keep our focus on the client, providing them with enhanced service and a better overall experience.”

“We’re pleased to welcome Unisearch to CorpData’s roster of clients,” says Misha Vaynshenker, CorpData’s president and CEO. “They have joined a growing number of service firms that are using our web-based entity and revenue management tools to streamline the workflow, increase revenue, and reduce overhead.” He adds, “Unisearch had a very specific set of challenges for which they felt that EntityManager would prove to be beneficial, and we’re excited to be working to help them realize those benefits and increase both their efficiency and productivity.”

About Unisearch
Founded in 1991 in Washington state, Unisearch is a global public records research firm that specializes in the search, retrieval, and filing of public documents, both across the U.S. and internationally. They offer an extensive range of Uniform Commercial Code/Lien and Corporate services to the legal, financial and business communities. Their core line of business is providing Worldwide Registered Agent services.

Companies large and small have trusted Unisearch for their business incorporation/qualification and Registered Agent needs. Using cutting-edge technologies backed by customer-centric support and service, Unisearch has become an industry leader in UCC documentation services within the commercial lending and legal communities. Learn more by visiting their website at http://www.unisearch.com.

About CorpData
Based in Jersey City, NJ, with technology development centers in Eastern Europe, CorpData provides intuitive, ready-to-use tools for practice management, corporate governance, and compliance, targeting small and mid-sized businesses within the financial and legal services industries. For more information, visit their website at www.corpdata.com.

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