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Entity Management WorkFlow Solution

CorpData's EntityManager is a web-based business process automation tool designed to help legal service providers' process and manage legal entities and related projects, documents and payments. EntityManager reduces time spent on routine tasks and helps to increase profitability and compliance.

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Client Testimonials

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"EntityManager will allow us to streamline much of our routine work, while providing clients with access to their accounts and outstanding orders at all times."

Nicole Brown Corporate Filing Solutions

"Thanks to CorpData, the days of misplaced documents and missing deadlines is over. Our entity filings have been simplified dramatically, which gives us more time to service our clients."

Enez Maharai Swiss Registry Consulting

"CorpData's EntityManager helps us to improve both the speed and the quality of the services we provide to our clients, enabling us to focus on higher-value projects and more revenue generation activities."

Alexander Dubrovin 1st Pay Services, Inc.

"We really appreciate Ethan fact hat EntityManager is geared specifically towards our industry. The functionality that has been built into the application streamlines many of our regular processes, and will enable us to provide a higher lever of service to our clients."

Ann Chilton American Incorporators