Web-Based Project Management for Legal Entity Governance and Compliance

CorpData’s EntityManager™ is a web-based business process automation tool designed to help legal service providers’ process and manage new business entities. From entity formation and initial order placement to ongoing management, automatic invoicing, and annual renewals, EntityManager helps you to keep track of critical information and respond to changes and deadlines, quickly and efficiently. The result? Reduced overhead and greater profitability!

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

By automating essential processes, EntityManager saves time and helps to ensure that critical information is accurate and always up-to-date. EntityManager streamlines the entire process of forming and managing business entities, and helps to maintain compliance across multiple jurisdictions. More importantly, EntityManager is easy-to-use, easily customizable, and reduces time spent on repetitive tasks, enabling managers or administrators to focus on higher-value service. With EntityManager, you can accomplish in matter of minutes what used to take days!

Robust Order Management Capabilities

EntityManager allows you to standardize, record and manage all transactions associated with the filing and ongoing management of a business entity, simplifying the maintenance of all entities under management. Centralized record-keeping and customizable reminders help you to keep track of important deadlines, ensuring compliance with jurisdictions and regulations. And, EntityManager is easily customizable to meet the specific needs of your office or practice. Its hierarchical, permission-based structure enables you to restrict access to specific modules or areas of the software, providing your users with as much or as little access as you require.

EntityManager automatically produces revenue all while reducing overhead and enabling a higher level of customer service.


  • EntityManager is a revenue generation and collection tool, it can be configured to up-sell services during regular billing cycles and it collects client payments with escalating reminders and applying late fees 24/7.
  • Secure, Permission-Based Log-In for Administrators, Distributors, and Clients.
  • Tracks Order and Payment Status and automatically generates notifications, reminders, and even Invoices.
  • Sophisticated Filtering and Color-Coding highlights ttems due for service renewal, payments outstanding, and payments past due
  • On-Line Document Warehouse Enables unlimited storage and retrieval of frequently-Used documents and templates. Select a document from the template library, press a button, and all entity-specific information is automatically merged and an entity-specific document is ready to use.
  • Customer Self-Service Portal allows customers to place orders, pay invoices and monitor status of their orders and documents at their convenience.
  • Tracks On- and Off-Line Customer Contacts? Including Phone Calls, E-mails, Meetings, Faxes, On-Line Conferences and ICQ-type Communications ? for improved workflow management and regulatory complianc.
  • Multi-Language Capabilities
  • Flexible, user-configurable, and scalable, to grow with your business.
EntityManager™ Streamlines You Entire Workflow... Example: Automated Renewals Processing, Easy as 1-2-3!

Centralized Document Storage

EntityManager’s online document center allows you to store, search, and share important documents with your team or with your clients, safely and securely. The Document Center can easily upload and store an unlimited number documents, ready for secure, permission-based access from any computer, any time, anywhere.

Highest Security Standards

EntityManager utilizes the same type and level of encryption as used by the banking and financial services industry, ensuring that your records and documents are always safe and secure, so you can share them condfidentially and confidently with your clients or team members.

Highly Scalable, to Grow as Your Business Grows

Developed using industry-standard Microsoft.Net technology, EntityManager is robust, flexible, and scalable, enabling you to easily grow your business. What’s more, by eliminating many repetitive and labor-intensive aspects of entity management, EntityManager allows you to spend much more time on higher-value service to clients and prospects, providing a clear path to revenue growth! EntityManager is a complete solution for those involved in the registration and ongoing management of business entities:

  • A Comprehensive Entity Management Workflow Solution
  • Web-Based for Convenience and Accessibility
  • Easy-to-Install, Easy-to-Use, and User-Configurable
  • Supports Compliance and Due Diligence
  • Multi-Language Capabilities
  • Increases Productivity, Delivers Higher-Value Client Service
  • A Robust, Affordable, “Must Have” Tool for Your Business

EntityManager is easy to install, requires minimal training, is user-friendly, and is easily configurable to meet your specific needs. CorpData offers a variety of EntityManager licensing plans targeting a wide range of users, from small but growing corporate formation services all the way to larger, international multi-office operations spanning multiple continents and time zones.

To learn more about how EntityManager can reduce overhead and increase productivity with your practice,contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation demo.