CorpData announces General Availability of EntityManager 4.0

New Version of Corporate Service Project Management and Workflow Solution Enhances Annual Report Filing Notifications and Client Portal Technology.

Jersey City, NJ – November 29, 2017 – CorpData LLC, provider of enterprise project management and workflow solutions to the corporate services, governance and compliance industry, announced today the general availability of EntityManager™ 4.0, their web-based software solution.

EntityManager is a software platform for corporate and legal services project management. EntityManager brings revenue optimization, workflow automation and computer security to legal services providers. EntityManager reduces time spent on routine tasks, reducing overhead and enabling a higher level of service by helping users to manage billing and account receivables and generates and emails invoices and accepts online payments while upselling additional services.

This latest version of EntityManager 4.0 includes major improvements in usability for Compliance Event Notification Management and Client Portal Technology:

1. Compliance Event Notification Management – EntityManager 4.0 has added features to enable email notifications of annual report filings due. In this release client profile for compliance event notification can be configured for individual or group email notification. Group email option will send a single email listing all the units due for annual report filing during a period.

2. Client Specific Pricing – EntityManager 4.0 facilitates client specific pricing and relationship management. Client service pricing is maintained in the client profile in addition to service discounts to enable a higher level of service.

3. Client Portal Technology – this version is enabled to operate as a standalone web site. EntityManager 4.0 facilitates support of thousands of clients accessing client portal simultaneously. Client portal can be branded and customized to each of CorpData licensors specific requirements.

Misha Vaynshenker, CorpData’s president and CEO, said, “From initial order placement to ongoing management, invoicing, and annual renewals, EntityManager helps users to keep track of critical information and respond to changes and deadlines, quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to demonstrate a strong commitment to our clients, who are using our web-based technology to increase revenue, while increasing both productivity and overall profitability.”

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