CorpData Anounces Release of EntityManager™ 2.7

CorpData Anounces Release of
EntityManager™ 2.7

Latest release brings new reporting and functionality to law firms and registered agents

May 6, 2010 — Jersey City, NJ — CorpData LLC, provider of enterprise entity management and workflow solutions to the corporate formation and registered agent services industry, announced today announced the release of EntityManager™ Version 2.7, the latest iteration of its web-based workflow management software for law firms and registered agents involved in the registration and management of corporate entities. This new version adds jurisdictional configurations with all 50 U.S. states, an order management “wizard” for making global changes to order management settings, and improvements to the end-user interface.

CorpData’s EntityManager is a web-based business process automation tool designed to help business formation and registered agent service providers to process and manage new business entities. EntityManager reduces time spent on routine tasks, reducing overhead and enabling a higher level of service. From entity formation and initial order placement to ongoing management, invoicing, and annual renewals, EntityManager helps users to keep track of critical information and respond to changes and deadlines, quickly and efficiently. The enhancements included in release 2.7 include:

  • Enhanced Configuration for U.S.-Based Entities – EntityManager 2.7 comes with a preset service configuration for all 50 U.S. states. In addition, a user’s typical administrative changes – such as state-specific rules, order processes, or addition of new services – can be globally propagated easily, all with just a few mouse clicks. And for entities operating in multiple jurisdictions, foreign qualifications are streamlined across all jurisdictions.
  • Order Management “Wizard” Simplifies Placement and Management of Orders – Built-in default settings for all entity types enables users to place and manage orders immediately, with no additional configuration requirements. An Order Management “Wizard” lets users easily customize state-specific configurations and templates that can be reused or applied to other states. An update to the template will automatically populate configurations for states sharing the template, saving time and improving accuracy.
  • End-User Interface Enhancements – Easily review all historical filings or foreign qualifications on a single screen. In addition, new data selection filters allow users to easily view all foreign qualifications associated with a specific entity.

Misha Vaynshenker, president of CorpData, says, “We designed the EntityManager solution to help streamline our clients’ workflows, reducing man-hours and overhead, and freeing-up their agents to pursue higher value service and revenue generating activities. EntityManager helps them to improve both productivity and order accuracy, streamlining the entire entity management process. These enhancements demonstrate our commitment to listening to the needs of our users, and will help them to reduce overhead, while increasing both productivity and overall profitability.” For more information, visit their website at

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About CorpData
CorpData, LLC ( is a provider of entity management solutions for the corporate formation and registered agent services industry. Based in Jersey City, NJ, with technology development centers in Riga, Latvia, and Moscow, Russia, CorpData solutions enable workflow and customer relationship management for small and mid-sized businesses. For more information, visit their website at

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