CorpData Announces General Availability of Entity Manager™ Version 3.1 for Business Entity Workflow

Latest Version of Business Entity Workflow Solution Adds New, User-Requested Features to Increase Productivity

Jersey City, NJ — October 13, 2011 — CorpData LLC, provider of enterprise entity management and workflow solutions to the corporate formation and registered agent services industry, announced today the general availability of EntityManager™ 3.1, the latest iteration of its web-based software solution that supports the business formation and registered agent industry.

CorpData’s EntityManager is a web-based business process automation tool designed to help business formation and registered agent service providers to process and manage new business entities. EntityManager reduces time spent on routine tasks, reducing overhead and enabling a higher level of service. From entity formation and initial order placement to ongoing management, invoicing, and annual renewals, EntityManager helps users to keep track of critical information and respond to changes and deadlines, quickly and efficiently.

The latest enhancements come in direct response to ongoing user feedback, adding useful new features to help users reduce overhead and increase productivity, including:

  • New Search Filters in Company Profile and Order Processing, including By Phone Number; By Email Address; By State; and By Country. This will make it easier to locate clients and files.
  • Ability to Add Officers, Directors, and Client-Specific Documents. This is especially useful for agents with many clients, who frequently utilize the same documents, officers, and directors in forming multiple companies. This will enable the agent to upload document templates and enter nominee profiles. A hierarchical structure will require Admin-level authorization, to ensure that changes are not made erroneously.
  • Notifications for Manual and Automated Renewals. For clients with multiple entities approaching renewal, this will enable multiple renewal notices to be sent with just one action. The agent will be able to go to the Client Portal and indicate which companies will require renewal notices. The agent will be able select and pay for their selected renewals. The agent will be able to receive a single invoice for all of the companies due to be renewed within a given period.
  • Bulk Printing of Renewal Notifications. This will enable streamlined printing of renewal notifications for use with clients lacking an email address. These printed notifications can then be faxed or mailed via traditional mail carriers.
  • Search by User or Admin. This will enable users to quickly identify and report on all orders worked by a specific User or Admin.
  • Enhanced Company Cloning will enable a user to create a new order based on an existing company “template” within their portfolio, copying all pertinent information such as addresses, members, managers, directors, etc. The user can then add the “new” company name or other variable information, and place the new order.
  • Improved System-Wide Data Filtering will enable a user to configure a Data Selection Filter and save it for future use. This filter will become a default data query configuration that can be quickly applied to subsequent searches.

Says Misha Vaynshenker, CorpData’s president and CEO, “We’re excited to be launching EntityManager 3.1, and are confident that these enhancements — based as they are on direct feedback from our users — will help our clients to increase both productivity and profitability. Working collaboratively with our clients — and even our prospective clients — helps to ensure that we are developing a world-class technology solution that provides real business value to our users.”

About CorpData
CorpData LLC, is a provider of entity management solutions for the business formation and registered agent services industry. Based in Jersey City, NJ, with technology development centers in Riga, Latvia, and Moscow, Russia, CorpData solutions enable workflow and customer relationship management for small and mid-sized businesses. For more information, visit their website at

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