American Incorporators Embarks on CorpData’s EntityManager Proof-of-Concept Program

Program Provides Business Formation Specialists With a Risk-Free Trial of Business Entity Workflow Solution

Jersey City, NJ — April 28, 2011 — CorpData LLC, provider of enterprise entity management and workflow solutions to the business formation and registered agent services industry, today announced that American Incorporators Ltd. is embarking on a Proof of Concept (POC) for the use of CorpData’s EntityManager™ software. EntityManager is used to facilitate web-based collaboration between business formation companies and their clients across the globe.

CorpData’s EntityManager is a web-based practice management tool that helps business formation companies and registered agent service providers improve efficiency and profitability. EntityManager reduces time spent on routine tasks, reducing overhead and improving productivity. From entity formation and initial order placement to ongoing corporate management and annual renewal invoicing, the EntityManager platform tracks critical information and facilitates quick response to changes and deadlines.

Ann S. Chilton, chief executive officer for American Incorporators, said, “We really appreciate the fact that EntityManger is geared specifically towards our industry. The functionality that has been built into the application streamlines many of our regular processes, and will enable us to provide a higher level of service to our clients. Having the ability to link EntityManager directly to our websites will enable 24/7 client self-service and provide greater accuracy, as well as expanding our ability to provide e-payments, automatic renewals, access to company records and a host of other valuable services.” She adds, “While we’re still in the early stages of the Proof of Concept, it’s clear that CorpData understands the complex needs of the business formation specialist. As we learn more about EntityManager’s capabilities and functionalities, we’re hopeful that it will provide a meaningful solution to some of our biggest business challenges.”

Misha Vaynshenker, CorpData’s president and CEO, says “We’re pleased to have American Incorporaters participating in our Proof of Concept program, and look forward to helping them to grow their business.” He added, “Our Proof of Concept program enables prospective users of our EntityManager platform to evaluate the application under real-world conditions, using their own data. This enables them to “kick the tires,” and minimizes the risk typically associated with the purchase of enterprise software. It also helps to clearly demonstrate the value of the application in reducing overhead and enhancing the level of service they are able to provide to their customers.”

Vaynshenker adds, “Our ongoing success in the business formation marketplace shows that we’re actively listening to the needs of our clients, enabling us to develop a robust, market-facing solution that enables small and mid-sized business formation service companies to compete effectively against even their largest competitors. More importantly, EntityManager is affordable and provides our clients with a rapid return on their investment.”

About American Incorporators Ltd.
Founded in 1979 and based in Wilmington, Delaware, American Incorporators Ltd. and its subsidiaries, Registered Agents, Ltd., and Global Business Solutions, are a privately held, family-run business. Over the last 30 years, American Incorporators has grown dramatically, and now has clients all over the world, and represents thousands of business entities across the United States. They provide entity formation services in all 50 U.S. states, plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and in several international jurisdictions.  They offer a broad range of business formation support services, including Registered Agent Service; Document Retrieval and State Filings; UCC Searches and Filings; and Virtual Office Services. To learn more, visit their website at

About CorpData
CorpData LLC, is a provider of entity management solutions for the business formation and registered agent services industry. Based in Jersey City, NJ, with technology development centers in Riga, Latvia, and Moscow, Russia, CorpData solutions enable workflow and customer relationship management for small and mid-sized businesses. For more information, visit their website at

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